jeudi 14 février 2013

Go far !!  

Whatever the project that you want to achieve. You often need outside help.

To add punch to the game, I selected some music and some sounds available on the web. 

These songs are a real value added in my application or in  the video that present my game.
So I want to make proper credits to those who helped me:

On musics side :

  • Moments in Space by Spinmeister, featuring licensed DJ_Rkod under CC-BY.

  •   "Sawmill" by Gurdonark [(Robert H. Nunnally, Jr.,]

    Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license
    "Sawmill" uses samples from different artists:
    Raymond Martin

  •   Spacetime (whitecube) by Airtone

   I used Fruity Loops for the rest of musics.

On Sounds side:

  • Tada1 by jobro

  • LaserRocket2 by EcoDtr

  • Laugh by Klankbeeld

I used too, the sounds that were available in the demo "Super Jumper" proposed by Mario Zechner:
  •   A sound like "jump"
  • A sound like "high jump"
  •  A sound type "corner"


mardi 22 janvier 2013

Once upon a time, Jucky Jump

I think with a little good will and patience, anyone can create a game, but it is more difficult to add originality to a game.That's what I tried to do by creating Jucky Jump.Let me tell you the story of Jucky Jump :

JJ is an alien who has been captured by humans. He doesn't want scientist researchers to discover his great powers.

If it fell into the hands of someone malicious, the world could end his existence.So, he decided to escape and succeeded.

Jump Jucky is trying to go back home, help him :

- Do not let the humans to catch him with their spaceships.

- Do not let it fall into the holes of space.

- J J's grandfather was a ninja so you have shurikens.

- Be smart, and you'll success

- Use stars to be as fast as falling star

- Take coins, Jump on Springs

- Let yourself be carried away by the melody


vendredi 18 janvier 2013

Yin and Yang ?

On the first side, it is the discovery of LIBGDX, that really helped me to start developing mobiles games. LIBGDX is rich and full of powerful features.

I thank Mario Zechner and his team for their huge efforts. I thank him especially for giving access to different demos. I was attracted by

an example of addictive games :

On the other side,  i was aiming to create a great app but i known nothing (really nothing) about android system. So i browsed the web and i discovered a great blog :

Gustavo Steigert 's blog :

and what i did of these two elements ? :  Yin and Yang ;) 


mercredi 16 janvier 2013

        Do all roads lead to LIBGDX ?

It is always funny when we want to develop a game for the first time,  we do not know where to start!

There are many ways to develop games.
We will avoid to talk about all the ways right here! # ought! i got a headache ;(

I was totally lost until one of my friends told me:
"Android world is booming, why would you not  participate in that community?"

It was like a electroshock, I started to get interested in android world
I saw it was promoter, but required a lot of work.

So I looked for a powerful library of game development because it was my interest and I discovered LIBGDX ...


mardi 15 janvier 2013

                              A CHORD-DEEP WITHIN ME                                                           

I think this picture deserves to be clear. I
am Linux addict.  ;)

Linux brought me a lot, and made my ​​life easier.
I was among to be fast and efficient in my work .

There are still some people who still 
 think "LINUX = GEEK ". 

This is totally absurd.

I think that every body can use it.

Test it, even it is different, you'll not regret ;).
The first game ( available in a  

month or so) , has been fully realized under Ubuntu  12.04 : A Os with powerful tools 

for software engineering.


Fortune favors the brave :  "Virgil Aeneid" Roman epic poet (70 BC - 19 BC)

I would not go far as to say that humans are more effective at night than during the day, but for me, this is how my passion began.

I like to browse, curiosity is really not a bad thing, because through it I learned a lot.

I am a publisher of games for mobile platforms. I will present our work in this blog. I want to share my experience with all.